CMS.js and other useful Javascript libraries

HTML partials plugin for Webpack

It allows easy way to include GoogleAnalytics code inside the Webpack bundle.


It allows creation of documentation site for Github repos using Github pages. I use docsify for Rambda and Rambdax projects, but this library could eventually replace it if it is as good as advertised.

Why did you update

The project is about to become abandoned, which means that support for new React versions will be missing. Still, it works with version 16.3.0 which is not that that bad. The library itself provides insights on unnecessary updates inside your React application.

Node schedule

Start cron jobs inside your Node.js code. Nothing more to it, besides that it is not updated lately, but that may not matter much.

Worker plugin

Library from Google and it gives use easy access for developing web workers with our Webpack configuration.

Tensorflow.js examples

We are lucky that Google ported Tensorflow to Javascript. Also they have published a repo containing examples with basic and medium complexity. All is needed now is some time to get use the the new concepts, but this looks promising.