CMS.js and other useful Javascript libraries

HTML partials plugin for Webpack It allows easy way to include GoogleAnalytics code inside the Webpack bundle. CMS.js It allows creation of documentation site for Github repos using Github pages. I use docsify for Rambda and Rambdax projects, but this library could eventually replace it if it is as good as advertised. Why did you … Continue reading CMS.js and other useful Javascript libraries


Collection of Javascript news for December 2018

Electron Electron is now with major version bump to 4.0.0 with lots of nice things. The Electron startup repos are still with 3.* versions but we are big boys, we should be able to install it and without those. Autocomplete Autocomplete library is also getting in the news because of major bump. The library is … Continue reading Collection of Javascript news for December 2018

Mixing sequential and parallel promises

Preface and introduction may be important, but I would prefer to show you the code first. const R = require('rambdax') const { execCommand } = require('./execCommand') async function lintFiles(cwd = process.cwd(), files) { console.time('lintFolder') await R.mapFastAsync(async chunkOfFiles => { for (const filePath of chunkOfFiles) { await execCommand( R.multiline(` prettier --no-semi --single-quote --trailing-comma --write ${filePath} `) … Continue reading Mixing sequential and parallel promises