Mixing sequential and parallel promises

Preface and introduction may be important, but I would prefer to show you the code first. const R = require('rambdax') const { execCommand } = require('./execCommand') async function lintFiles(cwd = process.cwd(), files) { console.time('lintFolder') await R.mapFastAsync(async chunkOfFiles => { for (const filePath of chunkOfFiles) { await execCommand( R.multiline(` prettier --no-semi --single-quote --trailing-comma --write ${filePath} `) … Continue reading Mixing sequential and parallel promises


Collection of German articles explanatory images

Choosing the correct article is one of the hard task, while you are learning German language. I have to admit I still struggle with it, but in this post I will share some images that should be useful as well as some tips on the matter. Basic knowledge This is table of correct articles when … Continue reading Collection of German articles explanatory images